It is likely that if love soccer, Madden is a part of your life or transformed your life in some way Mut 23 Coins, form or shape. For me, I saw Madden as a broadcaster, and the persona of EA's video game franchise, whom he gave his voice, personality , and name to for many years. The man -- and EA's video game serieshas been the thing that really helped me get into football and to understand how to play and the Xs and Os of football.

As tributes pour through from all over the world I am able to think of one appropriate way to pay tribute to the legend. John Madden should be on the cover of the next Madden video game from EA Sports. It's a simple decision.

For many years, Madden was the face of the video game brand with its cover box artwork. It wasn't until Madden NFL 2001 when an actually NFL participant, Tennessee Titans running back Eddie George, appeared on the cover. Since then, numerous NFL players have graced the cover while Madden's presence takes place in the background.

Being an official Madden cover player is an honor and there's no better way to pay tribute to and honor late John Madden than by featuring his name on the cover next year's game. I'm definitely not alone in this thinking. On social media, there are supporters who are calling for John Madden to appear on the cover of Madden 23.

EA typically waits until the summer to reveal its cover star for the newest game However, in this particular case, I think we all are aware of who the cover star should be. John Madden should be the cover star of Madden NFL 23. Get it done, EA.

Will Madden 23 be announced at the NFL Draft this month?

The 2023 NFL Draft is just weeks away. The Draft will be held on Thursday, April 28. The Draft is among the most exciting events for football fans as it is a sign of optimism for our team's future Buy Madden nfl 23 Coins. It also means that we're a step closer to the launch of Madden 23.